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Friday programming has begun with a sequel to last nights sugar rush, a trip to chocolateria Amorina, while the more literary minded attendees have been discussing about good books. Here are some that were heartily recommended by the participants:

Saladin Ahmed: Throne of the Crescent Moon

China Miéville: Railsea

Catherynne M. Valente: Palimpsest

Jeff Somers: Electric Circus

Mary Robinette Kowal: The Shades of Milk and Honey

Ted Chiang: Lifecycle of Software Objects

Ted Chiang: Lacey’s Patent Automatic Nanny from Doctor Thackeray T. Lambshead’s Cabinet of Curiosities by them VanderMeers

Seo-Young Chu: Do Metaphors Dream of Literal Sleep?

Joe Abercrombie: ouvre

Lauren Beukes: Zoo City

Michael Swanwick: Dragons of Babel

Richard Morgan: Altered Carbon

Stephen Brust: Tiassa

David Eagleman: Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives

Viktor Pelevin: The Sacred Book of the Werewolf

George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones comics

Cory Doctorow: Little Brother

Iain M. Banks: Surface Detail

Emily Diamand: Reaver’s Ransom

Delia Sherman: The Freedom Maze

Jennifer Pelland: Unwelcome Bodies

Helen Oyeyemi: The Opposite House

Jo Walton: Among Others

William Elliot: The Pilo Family Circus

Feel free to recommend more in the commentary section!

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3 Responses to Book recommendations

  1. You’ve left out: N.K.Jemisin’s brilliant The Killing Moon
    Stina Leicht: Of Blood and Honey

  2. Hansu says:

    It was Oyeyemi’s White is for Witching I recommended. Haven’t read Opposite House but I’m sure it’s good.

  3. jukkahoo says:

    Sorry, my bad. I only got the author’s name and a mentioning of a house. Hence.

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