About Åcon

Åcon (pronounced “awe-con”) is a small, fannish, literary, cross-cultural relaxacon in Mariehamn, Åland. All of the programming is in English. Åcon 5 will take place May 17–20, 2012.

The programming begins in the evening of Thursday May 17 after the ferries from Sweden and Finland have arrived and members have had the opportunity to check in the hotel. Because of the hotel and the conference room the con is held in, the maximum number of members Åcon can have is about 100 members. Usually there have been about 60–80 members, most of them staying in the con hotel. If there is sufficient interest, we’ll try to also provide more inexpensive accommodation in the vicinity.

A note on pronunciation: The Å in Åcon is not an A and shouldn’t be be pronounced as in acorn. The first sound in audience (or a British pronunciation of awesome. Or awkward) will get you much closer.

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