Earlier Åcons

Once upon a time, Finnish science fiction fandom — or at least a small part of it — decided that there ought to be a con in the middle of the Baltic Sea to bring Swedish and Finnish fandom closer together, and thus proud Åcon was born. She found her home in Mariehamn in the Åland Islands, an archipelago that forms an autonomous, Swedish-speaking region of Finland. Bright and welcoming, she was a prodigious child, intelligent, curious and sometimes rather silly. In 2007, for the first time, Finns, Swedes, and others from the surrounding region entrusted themselves in her care. They talked, the listened, they discussed, they enjoyed themselves. Guest of Honour was Scottish writer Hal Duncan, who seemed to enjoy himself more than anyone else.

Programming, 2007Room party, 2007

Literary discussion and room party, 2007.

On the fourth day, however, they had to leave, but they vowed to return. And Åcon waited patiently, because she knew they would miss her too much not to come back. And, as promised, the next spring they were back, having lured Ian McDonald to their side as the Guest of Honour. Åcon was growing up, finding her voice, realising what she wanted out of life — not that it differed much from what she already knew. Her fame grew, and new readers came from near and afar to enjoy her company. And so they came back, the next year. And the next.

Geoff Ryman 2010

Geoff Ryman contemplating serious stuff, Åcon 2010.

At Åcon 4, in 2010, it was decided to let her wander alone for longer than usualy, lest she would coincide with Eurocon 2011 in Stockholm. And they cried bitterly, but yet they knew that although the year would pass in darkness, it would pass, and give way to 2012.

And then we will see her again.

Earlier Åcons

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