The committee

Not being in the committee hasn’t stopped people from taking part in organizing, since previous committee members tend to hang around. Officially, however, these persons will be responsible for your bliss and mental health in May 2012. You can contact the committee at

Hanna Hakkarainen

HannaHanna is a student of Latin and tourism who is waiting for someone to finally invent a time machine. She appeared in Finnish fandom some time ago, no one can really remember when, it involved a lot of bheer. Hanna is The Glorious and Glittering Supreme Leader Extraordinaire Who Doesn’t Have to Do Anything But Take Everyone’s Money (With Spanking Leather Trimmings and High Heels of Ordnance) (GAGSLEWDHTDABTEM(WSLTAHHOO)) of Åcon 5.

Johan Anglemark

JohanJohan was an innocent roleplayer and lover of Tolkien when he found out about SF fandom 25 years ago. Since that fateful day he has been on the committee of sixteen conventions. He is also the chairman of the rich and influential Alvarfonden and peddles second-hand books at Swedish conventions.

Jukka Halme

JukkahooOriginally a Mundaneman, Jukka has been involved with Finnish fandom since the very late eighties. Nowadays he’s rather active with the Helsinki SF Association and it’s magnificient zine Tähtivaeltaja, writing articles, reviews and occasional poetry, though he strongly believes that poetry is for those, who cannot express themselves in prose. His very intermittent blogging can be read while Eating Muffins In An Agitated Manner.

Tero Ykspetäjä

TeroTero is an sf fan from Turku, Finland. He’s been active in fandom since the late eighties, and has had a hand in organising Finncon 1999 and Finncon/Eurocon 2003 in Turku, Finncon 2010 in Jyväskylä, Snorfcon 2 in Uppsala, and the first two Åcons in 2007 and 2008. He publishes a fanzine (distributed at Turku pub meetings) and blogs about the Finnish fandom in Partial Recall.

Johan Jönsson

Johan Johan publishes a Swedish webzine with essays on science fiction and fantasy. He’s been involved in organizing Åcon since 2009 and lives, like the other Johan, in Uppsala in eastern Sweden. In his mundane life, he gets paid to work with Swedish Wikipedia, which often doesn’t seem very mundane at all.

Katarina Norrgård

Katarina Katarina is the bright and shining local star, the only Ålander in the committee. She guides the Swedes and mainland Finns in the social mores of Mariehamn. Each night she leaves the hotel that is the consite only to return next morning. The rest of the committee believe this is to battle sea monsters, so that the congoers can sleep (or not sleep) in peace.

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