Book Your Travel Now

We’re arranging a group trip to Mariehamn from Turku (Ölcon!) on Thursday morning and back on Sunday. If you want to participate, please book your trip by filling the form found on the travel page and paying the trip this Friday at the latest!

There weren’t enough people interested in traveling together from Stockholm, so we won’t be organizing any group trips other than the one from Turku.


Get a Discount on Train Tickets – Buy Now

If you’re traveling to Turku for Åcon by train, you get about a 50 % discount if you buy your tickets now: VR Tickets get more expensive the less time before your trip you buy them.

Members, Members, Members…

This Åcon looks to be the biggest one yet — so far 80 people have already signed up, and it’s almost three months until the convention! Since Åcon has a membership cap of 100 persons (due to the facilities size), it is possible that we may need to take the cap in use this year. If you want to make sure you get to attend the convention, do sign up soon!

Members Mailing List Updated

The Åcon members discussion list has been updated and all the people who’ve signed up for the convention (and stated they want to be on the list) have been added.

If you’ve signed up for Åcon and want to be on the mailing list, but didn’t get a message from the new list today, let us know!

Travel Booking Online

The ferry travel information is now published. As is traditional, there will be a group trip to Mariehamn from Turku Thursday morning (and return Sunday evening).

Due to lack of interest in previous years, we will not be arranging a trip from Stockholm unless enough people let us know they’d use it. See the details on the travel page.

Hotel Info Updated

The hotel information has been added to the site. You should book the room directly with Adlon; mention “ÅCON5” to get the convention price. More info on the hotel info page.

New Ebook by Our GoH

A new collection by our GoH called Myths of Origin has been published in ebook format:

New York Times best-seller Catherynne M. Valente is the single most compelling voice to emerge in fantasy fiction in decades. Collected here for the first time, her early short novels explore, deconstruct, and ultimately explode the seminal myths of both East and West, casting them in ways you”ve never read before and may never read again.

You can get it on Wizard’s Tower Bookstore.