Our con hotel is (once again) Hotel Adlon, conveniently located right at Mariehamn’s Western Harbour (where the ferries dock). The hotel provides both the accommodation and the venue for the convention itself, so you never need to leave it (unless you want to go sightseeing in Mariehamn, of course). There is a free wifi in the hotel, the access code can be obtained from the hotel personnel. The rooms will be divided into two areas: One where it will be OK to sit up all night and drink and talk and be noisy – no music or shouting, though! – and one where you are expected to be quiet after midnight.

Book your room directly with the hotel (like previous years): tel. +358 18 15400, fax +358 18 15077, or email Mention “ÅCON5” when reserving your bed, and do not forget to specify:

“Noisy area” (Sv: “OK att väsnas”; Fi: “bilealue”)
“Quiet area” (Sv: “Tyst område”; Fi: ” hiljainen osa”)
“Anywhere” (Sv: “Varsomhelst”; Fi: ” missä vain”) if you are going to be quiet but don’t mind other people having fun next door.

Note! No indicated option will be interpreted as “Anywhere”.

When making the reservations, they will ask your credit card number. However, previous years it has not been an issue if one doesn’t have a credit card. The hotel accepts Visa Electron as a method of payment but doesn’t usually accept it as a guarantee for the room. If there are any problems with reserving the room, please let us know at and we’ll talk to the hotel!

The prices for Hotel Adlon (per person!)
Package per person for three nights (17-20.5 2012)
In a single: 270,-
In a double: 155,-
In a double with an extra bed: 125,-

Package per person for two nights (18-20.5 2012)
In a single: 200,-
In a double: 120,-
In a double with an extra bed: 100,-

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