You can register for Åcon by filling the membership form and paying the membership fee.

The membership fee for Åcon 5 is 25 € (or 250 SEK).

If you want to support Åcon, you can become a Friend of Åcon (FÅC) and pay a membership fee of 40 € (or 400 SEK).

Account: Hanna Hakkarainen
IBAN: FI79 1391 5000 0259 02 , BIC: NDEAFIHH

Please do remember to tell us who you are: include the message “Åcon membership”/”FÅC Membership” and your name when paying. If you are wondering whether you’ve already paid, you can check the members list.

We also have a junior membership available for teens (13–17 years) for 10 € (100 SEK). Children under 13 don’t need a membership. Of course, if you want a badge for them, you can purchase a junior membership for them too. If you have any questions, please email us.

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