As usual, we’ve tried to come up with a mix of interesting discussions about science fiction and fantasy and the more relaxed, silly and entertaining. This hopefully fits that bill.


6 PM Opening Ceremonies — with Important Announcements and Information!

6.30 PM SQUEE, The Cuddlepunk Manifesto — a shameless copycat discussion of vague positivity of Things Speculative and Fantastic. No negativity, grumbling, cynicism or gloom allowed.

8 PM Make Your Own “Do Not Disturb” sign workshop


Noon Book Recommendations – recommending books published in the 21st century. SF, fantasy, horror, paramance, slipstream, new weird, whatever strikes your fancy and you’re enthused to talk about it.

2 PM Sherlock Holmes — Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf and Sari Polvinen will take this baby out and see what it’s made of. The original SH, new interpretations, whatnot.

3 PM GoH interview — Cat Valente talks with Nene Ormes

4 PM adVANCEd discussion – Enter the world of Jack Vance with Linnéa Anglemark, Mika Loponen and Tommy Persson

5 PM Eemeli’s Amazing Tech-no-babble Cross-Scientific Panel — Eemeli Aro (mod), Torill Kornfeldt, Anna Davour and Dmitri Zagidulin

6 PM Break

7 PM Knittertainment — A veritable yarnstorming to the world of Yarnia by the Knitwits Anonymous.

8 PM NoFF Auction — A worthy cause needs your money!

9 PM Post-Modern Fantasy — Markku Soikkeli (mod), Karin Tidbeck, Cat Valente, Cheryl Morgan and Merja Polvinen explain the unexplainable. Is there PoMo-fantasy? Is there Modernistic fantasy? What is it? Is it fun? Is it hard? Is it Weird?

10 PM Never Mind the Buzzaldrins — Examining the general ignorance of the attendees with jukkahoo

11 PM Book of the Night — Roundtable discussion about The Female Man by Joanna Russ


Noon London 2014 Tea Party — hosted by Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf. Freshen up with the latest news of the bid.

2 PM That Difficult 2nd Book — Anne Leinonen (mod), Nene Ormes, Saara Henriksson and Vesa Sisättö talk about that elusive masterpiece, The Follow-Up!

3 PM Serious Shit – Merja Polvinen and Mika Loponen Talk Academic Stuff! Expect long words and mindboggling terminology!

4 PM GoH Speech/Reading — Cat Valente has the floor

5 PM Kick-Ass Chicks — Cheryl Morgan, Marianna Leikomaa, Karin Tidbeck and Karin Waller may have opinions about the female protagonists.

6 PM Break

7 PM Writers of the World, Unite! – Unofficial roundtable discussion among Finnish and Swedish writers

8 PM Folklore in Fantasy — Karin Tidbeck (mod), Cat Valente, Karin Waller, Anne Leinonen and Markku Soikkeli talk about fantasy or weird fiction with folklore elements in different countries and what expressions they take.

9 PM Who Should’ve Won? – Jukka Halme (mod), Tommy Persson and Marianna Leikomaa will probably ambush one unsuspecting member of the audience to participate in discussing the various and sundry about Awards.

10 PM Just a Speculative Fiction Minute! — Combining two game shows should be twice as fun! Will it?


Around Noon Sweet ‘n’ Sour Gripe Session — let us know what went well and what not?

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