We’re planning an excursion to a Chocolate Café in Eckerö (max. 20 persons) and a trip to the Stallhagen brewery. More details below.

The cost of the transportation depends on the amount of people participating, and will be added to the price of the excursions.


On Friday morning (10:30), there will be a visit to the Amorina Chocolaterie to have a chocolate tasting session. The cost of the tasting is 24 €.

The tasting can seat at most 20 persons. If there are more people who would like to participate, we will have a lottery among those who have signed up (giving precedence to people who haven’t visited there before).


On Saturday (11:00), there will be a trip to the Stallhagen brewery. The tour includes tasting of four different beers and costs 16 €. For an additional 8 €, you can also have a snack food platter with the beer (strongly recommended — the platter is designed by the brewery to enhance the taste of the different beers).

If you’d like to participate on either trip, please fill in the signup form. The deadline for signing up is Saturday, May 12.

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